Thank You

October 13, 2006

The nicest things in the world come in simple packages. Today, October 13, is my 28th birthday, and I thought it’d be like any other since my day always start at night while the rest of the world is sleeping. I’m no special guy, and I’m not really expecting gifts and big greetings, as those things come while you are young and just go as you grow older. Sadly, a kid’s magical sense of Christmas and birthdays wither away as years go by. But, as the day unravels, I’m beginning to receive lots of things and signs that really makes me a bit happier than I already am. And I’m most grateful everytime it happens.

This time here, though, I’m thanking who I consider my “greatest pal in the office”- Jenyfer. Today, in the middle of a training class, she brought here a little cake with a lit candle on it and led everyone in class to sing “Happy Birthday”. Although a little embarrassed with probably my face turning red all over, I felt really really special. A little-kid-kinda-special feeling… something that I’ve never had for a very long time.

Friend, it’s a little cake, but I know there’s a big chubby kind sincere heart in it. You know, for someone with whom I’ve been spending a few days like cats and dogs do, you have a knack for making my day brighter. I may not be able to express it more deeply whenever we’re around, but here is where I really mean it: “Thank you so very much.”

Yup, some things do never change. 🙂


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