Random Pics Ulit

October 28, 2006

This is just one lazy Saturday morning in my In-Laws’ house (Masile Island, Malolos City). We were watching V for Vendetta, and, if I remember it correctly, we followed it up with Moments of Love. Yupyup! We were kinda bored that day. Relaxed, though, after a very tiring week.
Lovin’ the SYKES logo hanging on the elevator hall of OSMA’s 19th floor. It wasn’t there last year, though. Might have been added there when they renovated HR’s receiving area for Sykes Manila applicants.

Me and my honey in SM City’s The Block. We were going up on an escalator. I pulled out my phonecam and took a quick snapshot.

Turned out to be one of the cutest pics we’ve ever had in years. Look at that sweet sweet smile. And look at me… no chubby cheeks! Yihee!

Still in SM City’s The Block. This was taken inside one of the mall’s newest cinema places. T’was my birthday, by the way. Weird, I was the one who insisted on watching "Till I Met You". Even more odd, I liked the movie. (Although I specifically hated Robin Padilla’s acting in this movie.)

Me and Jameela in OSMA’s Ministop. This was taken weeks before Halloween 2006. We were surprised to see that they are actually selling Halloween stuff, so we said we might as well play around with it.

We liked the witch hats, obviously.

MRT Shaw Station, Southbound rail.

I hear voices whenever I stay in this place: "Ingat!" "Next train na lang, puno na kasi…" "I’m so tired and sleepy." "Ang layo pa ng pupuntahan mo ah…" "Naikwento ko na ba sa ‘yo…" Sigh. Such sweet memories.

This is King. A colleague, a friend and one of my most favorite buddies at work. No matter how low you are feeling on a given day, he can surely make you laugh. Such a jolly person.

We made a caption for this pic: "Good morning! I’m so happy today! F**k you!" HAHAHA!


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