Last Days of My Nokia 6610i

December 15, 2006


Actually, it was last year that I’ve decided to quit using Nokia phones, since almost everyone in the Philippines already has one. A Sony Ericsson phone has always been my choice for a next phone, but I never really had a chance to get one because of a number of reasons- lack of budget being the primary one.

As soon as I got this year’s Christmas bonus, I went straight to a cellphone store to get me a new phone. The original plan was to get a Sony Ericsson W700i. However, the store didn’t have supply when I got there. After doing a crash interview on me to know what ideal type of cellphone a guy like me would likely have, the saleslady, whose sales skills work as effective as her irresistable charm, said I’d be better off getting a W810i instead. It’s a slick walkman phone that boasts it’s very cool music features just by adding a few more thousand bucks off my pockets. Heck! I can’t spend a couple of days more in waiting since I already sold and got rid of both my T230 and 6610i, so without second thoughts, I got the W810i already. And I’m proud that I did!

I specifically like the built-in camera. It’s 2.0 megapixels that result to very crisp images when transferred to my PC. Of course, for a street paparazzi that I am, I could see myself taking my pictures on the road without minding what people would think about how a guy could use a VGA camera anymore. Too bad, though, my W810i comes with only an excess 128MB Pro Duo memory stick, half of which I’ve already allotted for my MP3 files. I’d have to buy a 1GB stick later, maybe in late January when the aftermath of the Christmas spending spree is already over.

Anyway, these pictures tell the story of the last days of my Nokia 6610i…

My mom’s cellphone… and the stones from Ethel’s gall bladder that we got rid a few months ago. It was tough for my wifey during the recovery stage, but I think it’s worth enduring everything. She can eat anything she likes now. Of course, I’m always there to remind her not to overdo it. Heheh…

My Sleeping Lionheart. Remember Final Fantasy VIII? My favorite RPG Game. I’m no Squall and I don’t have a Gunblade, but I sure would love to meet and dance with Rinoa someday. Yihee!

We are big Superman fans! Recently, Ethel and I have been doing big Smallville marathons almost everyday. We’d spend the whole morning watching 6 episodes at most. This picture- one day I went to the office and found one of my TLs wearing the same Superman shirt. It was fun, actually, until I found another guy wearing the same shirt in the elevator. Haay…

This, I think, was taken by Ethel. I always thought what I look like while sleeping. I guess my question’s answered now. I look… tired.

Luke’s eyes, taken by her mom. It’s amazing how you can see so much innocence and possibilities at the same time in the eyes of a happy child.

Camille on the side of the road. I think it was around 7:00am when I took this picture in the North Luzon Expressway. I was alone, coming from work. I pulled on the side and took a quick shot. Good thing the patrol guys weren’t around, or else I would have gotten to quick questioning as well. Heheh…

No, I wasn’t in a Counterstrike Cosplay gig… this was taken on that day when my boss decided to treat us to a paintball game in Libis. T’was a hot afternoon, but it did not matter because, as my colleague John Say always says: It was so much fun!!!

“Luke, kunyari umaandar tayo nang sobrang bilis ha! Tapos kukunan kita ng picture, ha!… Sige…. One… Two… Three… AAAHHHHH!!!” The father becomes the son, the son becomes the father. Says Jor-El.

This is one of those rare moments picture. A rare moment- since it’s quite rare that either of us would look really nice and cuddly on pic. But when it happens, the result is always for keeps. I love you, honey! 🙂



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