Random Pics Ulit

October 28, 2006

This is just one lazy Saturday morning in my In-Laws’ house (Masile Island, Malolos City). We were watching V for Vendetta, and, if I remember it correctly, we followed it up with Moments of Love. Yupyup! We were kinda bored that day. Relaxed, though, after a very tiring week.
Lovin’ the SYKES logo hanging on the elevator hall of OSMA’s 19th floor. It wasn’t there last year, though. Might have been added there when they renovated HR’s receiving area for Sykes Manila applicants.

Me and my honey in SM City’s The Block. We were going up on an escalator. I pulled out my phonecam and took a quick snapshot.

Turned out to be one of the cutest pics we’ve ever had in years. Look at that sweet sweet smile. And look at me… no chubby cheeks! Yihee!

Still in SM City’s The Block. This was taken inside one of the mall’s newest cinema places. T’was my birthday, by the way. Weird, I was the one who insisted on watching "Till I Met You". Even more odd, I liked the movie. (Although I specifically hated Robin Padilla’s acting in this movie.)

Me and Jameela in OSMA’s Ministop. This was taken weeks before Halloween 2006. We were surprised to see that they are actually selling Halloween stuff, so we said we might as well play around with it.

We liked the witch hats, obviously.

MRT Shaw Station, Southbound rail.

I hear voices whenever I stay in this place: "Ingat!" "Next train na lang, puno na kasi…" "I’m so tired and sleepy." "Ang layo pa ng pupuntahan mo ah…" "Naikwento ko na ba sa ‘yo…" Sigh. Such sweet memories.

This is King. A colleague, a friend and one of my most favorite buddies at work. No matter how low you are feeling on a given day, he can surely make you laugh. Such a jolly person.

We made a caption for this pic: "Good morning! I’m so happy today! F**k you!" HAHAHA!


Some things about moi.

October 10, 2006

These are some things that I hope you’d find interesting about yours truly…

1. I graduated in highschool as class valedictorian and I owe it all to one great teacher of mine whom I had a big crush on. Somehow, being inspired to go to class everyday and have her impressed by aiming high on every aspect of acads helped. We were such good friends, I miss hours of chatting with her about lots of stuff. Last time I saw her was a year ago, in a mall. She seemed to be a lot happier than the last time we met. I’m glad she’s alright.

2. I remember someone telling me that the most sensitive part of me is my heart, and it’s true. If you really want to make me sad, ignore me. I get to question my worth so easily whenever it is compromised. However, if you want to get me really pissed off, you can’t. Somehow, I have this skill of easily shaking off whatever is bugging me for the moment.

3. I’m a big fan of RPG games, but I only play them on Playstation 2. This started with Final Fantasy VIII. I play console games not only for the sake of the game itself, but for the story, too. I think RPGs Japan-made are much more artistic and surreal than those from the US. Currently, I’m juggling playtime between Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II. Imagine someone reading two novels of entirely different plots at the same time!

4. There are only three days I always really look forward to every year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day and my birthday. Christmas always remind me of my Dad and how a child stays in us even as we get older every year. The happiest day of my life was October 13, 2001. My wifey, then my girlfriend, gave me a surprise birthday party on a nearby resort. I shed tears of joy for the first time and felt like the king of the world that night.

5. This may sound so sissy, but it’s true: The first time I heard The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”, I cried. Hahaha!

6. I only say thanks whenever I pray. I rarely ask for something. I believe that whatever happens is what God has willed it to be. We can’t really ask for anything, since God has provided everything that we need in this world. We may see things as good or bad for us, but really, there is no good or bad for anyone- every person receives what God really knows is necessary. This is why whenever I say my prayer, it’s always is about being grateful for what I have in life. If I do ask for something, I don’t pray as if God has to comply to it. It’s just to tell God that this is what I would like to have, but if it isn’t part of His grand plan, then it’s okay. I think I began adapting this concept of prayers after reading “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Too bad I wasn’t able to finish the book because of some reason I can’t remember. (Can anyone tell me where to get the Book 1?)

7. Although I have a few of them, friends are who I treasure more than anything else in the world. Their sincerity gives color to my life. I’d give everything that I have whenever needed. I’m the happiest whenever they are by my side in the most cruel of times. My sincerity towards them, though, are sometimes misinterpreted. But I don’t mind as long as they understand who and what they are to me in the end. Although I consider a lot of people as my friends- my brothers, my close friends at work, my friends from highschool and college and many others- my bestest of best friends is my beloved, Ethel. She knows me more than anyone else in the world, and knows how to deal with every aspect of it.

8. I’ve had my share of crime and illegal stuff in my early teen years. Dared by peers, I once shoplifted in one of those big malls in QC. I was also a professional hacker during my early college days. Those were the days when unlimited dialup internet access was made available to the public for the first time. We went searching for unlimited access using users’ accounts using our online tools and we make sure we don’t get caught by using them when we know they’re not in the office or at home. Oh we were bad then, but it felt good… until we felt guilty one day, of course, and decided to just quit it.

9. I love to travel, may it be with friends or just alone with a bag filled with things that I need. Somehow, riding my car, a train, or a speeding bus on it’s way to a very far place brings calmness to my soul. The first time I did a serious meditation and soul-searching was in Baguio- I was looking at the horizon on top of a very high place during sunrise. It felt like God was greeting me “Good morning, son!” that moment.

10. I finished AB Philosophy in college, but I’m more into IT. I should have taken BS Computer Engineering, although this does not qualify as a big regret for me. I thought Rizal and most Social Sciences subjects in Bulacan State University, where I realized I have a passion to teaching. I have always looked forward to a chance to teach again someday after my BSU days. Being a teacher is the most rewarding profession of all- the benefits go beyond the financial, indeed.

11. I may have already mentioned this- I dream of living in New York City. Although I have not been there yet, to me, NYC is the greatest city in the world. However, if I do get passed 60, I’d like to spend my dying days with Ethel either in any of the following places: New Zealand, Canada or just at home with my closest friends and relatives.

12. They say I’m a man of many talents, and I find many are amazed by what I can do but most are not aware of. Actually, those talents I learned not by necessity, but because I love to make the world know whatever it is on my mind and in my soul. You can take a look at my deviantart site and you’ll see that most of what I’ve drawn are actually things and persons closest to me. Hear the songs I play on the piano, and all of them are songs sang by my heart. I write about things that only cover much about my life. I’m blessed with many means of expressing myself, and I’m always thankful to God for these rare gifts.

With these in mind, I greet myself HAPPY BIRTHDAY (on Friday, that is.)


October 4, 2006

Happy Birthday, Miker!

Since these days have been filled by mostly dull moments due to problems after integrating big changes in our system, early shifters in the office are able to find enough time to do some things that we don’t usually do in the office… fun stuff. Today, we get to celebrate Miker’s birthday, on his desk. Jenyfer brought the cake, the rest brought…uh… their hungry selves to indulge. Here are interesting quotes taken from this quick moment:

“Sige na, papa… blow mo na yung candle…”

“Papa, gently blow the candle, please…”

“Mainit-init pa, Miker” (sabay kagat sa labi)

“Itusok mo ng kaunti hangga’t matigas pa…”

“Mukhang disente nga, bastus din naman.”

Hurrah for Photos

September 29, 2006

poringThe pic above was taken October 3, 2004. I can tell why it stayed in my phone for the longest times- it brings back lots of memories of me and my wife, Ethel, during our early years together as a married couple. The phone was her first Symbian phone that got lost in her workplace after a year, I think. The Ragnarok Poring stuffed toy, I got as a prize from GamesMaster magazine- when they published my letter as “Letter of the Month”. This picture was taken in my old room, back when we haven’t built our new home yet. Those were the days when my wife and I were still starting to “settle down” and adjust to married life. Those days were not that difficult. Actually, those were happy days, as any lazy day with Ethel has always been.

Ah! That’s the swimming pool on top of the Citiland Bldg. in Pasong Tamo, taken October 8, 2004. Lots of memories from this place, too. I remember swimming in that small pool with my apartment-mates Archie, Vanessa and Vlads in the middle of a nasty storm. Violent wind and rain never hindered us from this not-so-rare chance to dive in this exclusive pool. Citiland is composed mostly of dark rooms, creepy corridors, poor basic services, slow elevators and pesky cockroaches creeping everywhere you can imagine. But aside from these things, I will never forget the laugh-out-loud days with my pinsans, the yummy cheap longaniza meals on the ground floor, chick-hunting on the ground hall, the kind Citiland tenants and facilities people, and moments of contemplation and meditation and sighseeing in the penthouse.

newbieOctober 13, 2004- my first birthday in Sykes. Geez. I think this was taken during one of those English Enrichment Seminar sessions… In my first year as call center agent, I had difficulty shaking off my Bulakenyo accent- this meant I speak fluent English, but QA and/or customers sometimes were having a hard time evaluating my conversations. I don’t think I was able to shake off the accent entirely, although I’ve learned how to speak faster and more confidently as the result. By the way, notice the hair- it’s like I just got off from highschool! hahaha! This was taken in a room we call Davenport- that’s where most of the official meetings for Adobe/Macromedia people are held.

October 17, 2004- Twice or thrice every month, we go ride a boat to visit Luke’s grandparents Nanay Azon and Tatay Boy. This was taken the day after one usual Saturday when once every month, Ethel, Luke and I spend most of the time roaming around our choice of an SM branch. Luke could not get enough of the new Sesame Street’s Grover puppet that I got him so we brought it along. After hearing Mass and a bountiful meal (Nanay Azon does great cooking!) comes hours of just lying around and playing with Luke. I kept this picture in my phone’s gallery because it never fails to warm my heart whenever I look at it. Ethel’s smile is hidden by Grover’s arms, but you can see how happy she is through her eyes. By the way, that’s my hand inside Grover there.

The night of December 8, 2004 – Lights from Pioneer, Mandaluyong and Makati. The view from the 44th floor’s pantry room. In provinces like Bulacan, you can never see something like this unless you’re on a helicopter. Everyday and every night, I have a bird’s eye view of most of Metro Manila, Mandaluyong , Makati and elsewhere my eyes could reach. On a sunny day with clear skies, with can see as far as Antipolo, Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay from the west. Our office is located on a floor so high we are the first to know if there’s a big traffic jam in EDSA somewhere in Guadalupe, and if it’s going to rain somewhere in Makati since we can basically see how rain clouds form, gather and slowly cover Metro Manila.

T’was a long long time ago when I first thought of putting up a photoblog. I figured it would be nice to describe the world as it I have seen it through simple pictures. Of course, I would have my Nikon and Olympus digicams with me so what better way to be an amateur undercover paparazzi but to use my handy Nokia 6610i!

Hey, 6610i used to be a hit… but that was several years ago already. Anyway, it’s cheap, it’s classic, but it’s still efficient. Creates not so good quality pictures, but it’s still good since details may not be important here. Lately, my old Nokia 6610i was beginning to slow down because of a big stockpile of photos stuck in it’s memory. I reviewed my gallery and found that I already got 225 pictures there, and would you believe the oldest pictures were taken 2004?! I really had to get ’em out somehow and put them somewhere.

So on the very same day when I received my last salary, I went to a nearby cellphone store to get an infrared adaptor. (Yup! Just IR, not bluetooth… my phone’s not that sophisticated and I still love using it.) As soon as I had the pics downloaded to my PC, I got it posted in my Photobucket account… my photoblog is good to go, at last!