Thank You

October 13, 2006

The nicest things in the world come in simple packages. Today, October 13, is my 28th birthday, and I thought it’d be like any other since my day always start at night while the rest of the world is sleeping. I’m no special guy, and I’m not really expecting gifts and big greetings, as those things come while you are young and just go as you grow older. Sadly, a kid’s magical sense of Christmas and birthdays wither away as years go by. But, as the day unravels, I’m beginning to receive lots of things and signs that really makes me a bit happier than I already am. And I’m most grateful everytime it happens.

This time here, though, I’m thanking who I consider my “greatest pal in the office”- Jenyfer. Today, in the middle of a training class, she brought here a little cake with a lit candle on it and led everyone in class to sing “Happy Birthday”. Although a little embarrassed with probably my face turning red all over, I felt really really special. A little-kid-kinda-special feeling… something that I’ve never had for a very long time.

Friend, it’s a little cake, but I know there’s a big chubby kind sincere heart in it. You know, for someone with whom I’ve been spending a few days like cats and dogs do, you have a knack for making my day brighter. I may not be able to express it more deeply whenever we’re around, but here is where I really mean it: “Thank you so very much.”

Yup, some things do never change. 🙂


A picture of a Bonzai tree. Taken in an exhibit in the Shang last June 2006. Everyday, my short walk to work is initiated by a quick tour in the mall. Usually, I’m seen with a glass of my favorite red iced tea from Tokyo Tokyo as I continue my path to One San Miguel Avenue (OSMA) building, since that’s the only thing that I need or can buy most of the time. Come to think of it, I have never bought anything yet but food from the Shang. Well, Katie once bought me a big Pooh Bear, but that was as a present. Anyway, due to always dealing with issues related to budget, I’m contented just spending a couple of minutes enjoying the cool breeze while in the mall. Most people do, if you’ll notice.

Strings of different colors. Taken in one of those souvenir shops in Divisoria. With this always come memories of me and a good friend with whom I spent the most enjoyable afterwork times. I miss her, our conversations, our trips. We used to talk for hours without minding that time has already passed by. We used to go places and plan on going to places that we thought would be fun visiting. She used to teach and show me things that someone like me have not learned and seen before (and I do hope I had the same effect on her then). I used to make her smile, even in her loneliest times and that gave me quite a jumpstart in a daily basis, and a fulfilling sense of contentment in my heart as her friend. I am not sure what happened, and neither does my good friend, I think- but due to choices we had to make and embrace, we started drifting apart. I have no regrets though, for I have always trusted what she told me before we started falling away… that this choice was the best for us. From where she stands, eventhough faded since we have almost lost touch by now, even though we always end up now like cats and dogs fighting almost all the time, even though she has already found people with whom she finds happiness the same way she did when with me in the past, I’m happy for her. Perhaps she doesn’t know that I’ve been watching after her eversince the wall that was built between us… checking up on her from once in a while just to see if she’s ok. I’m proud of her accomplishments and how she deals with life and life’s hardships. This, even if I often feel I’m lightyears away from her. Nice things never last, but the memories do. Good thing I’m sure she’s not reading this, but I hope she feels the same way for me, as well.

Colored cars outside my Tita Tessie’s place in Sampaloc, Manila. This was taken on the day we accompanied our grandma Inang and my cousin Lyle to the airport after a couple of weeks spent in the Philippines. They’re back now in California. This picture is quite amazing- it shows three loyal cars owned by the Sarmiento clan. Yellow, red and spuce green. We, cousins, are not really particular with cars, details and all, but I guess it has become a necessity for every family to have a means of transport of some sort to get by. This is a big change, since I remember the 80s when the streets were not yet that crowded because most think that having a car in your garage is leisure, to simply put it.

The acacia trees beside Beachhouse, located on the side of the Sunken Garden in UP Diliman. Taken one time when I took Ethel and Luke for a quick tour of the campus. The Beachhouse provide simple food services, but known to serve the best barbeques in the university. The picture also brings lots of memories about my college days: lying on the grass on the side of Sunken Garden, waiting for the next class, with my barkada. Those days seem to have taken away all worries of the outside world, which you’ll notice only when you get your first salary and realize that life is not really as simple as it was in campus. College life seem to be filled with innocent fun and simplicity compared to how you’d be after graduation. Do I miss those days? Hell yeah! You may ask my friends Natalie, Pocholo, Leslie, Yin, Kate and Mommy Cathy about it, too!

The sunrise in the skyline of Ortigas Center. Again, from the 44th floor of OSMA. There’s only one word to describe this daily wonder: breathtaking.